Crowned Miss Afghanistan, Miss Deutschland and Miss Globe are just a few accomplishments of Zallascht.


Zallascht entered and won her first pageant at the Miss Afghanistan 2009 pageant. The pageant was held in Hamburg, Germany due to the volatile situation in Afghanistan at that time. She is the first officially elected Miss Afghanistan since Zohra Yousuf Daoud was elected Miss Afghanistan in 1972.

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Zallascht won the Miss Hessen 2010 and Miss Süddeutschland 2010 pageants which led to her entry to the Miss Deutschland 2010 pageant which she subsequently won. She was crowned Miss Deutschland 2010. She kept the Miss Deutschland title the following year since pageant was not held in 2011. In 2012 Zallascht entered the Miss Globe contest held by the World Beauty Organization and won that pageant. She was crowned Miss Globe 2012.